Trédi, a specialist in PCB waste treatment and disposal

Trédi is a subsidiary of the Séché Environnement Group specialised in the management and treatment of hazardous industrial waste. With 25 years’ experience, it has become the global reference for the management of PCB waste, mainly PCB transformers and PCB capacitors.

The St Vulbas plant (France) is the world’s only plant capable of both decontaminating PCB transformers and destroying PCB waste through incineration. It is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.

Our treatment capacity means we can guarantee the management of your PCB waste, regardless of the quantity.

Our teams work all over the world and are available to accompany you throughout the entire PCB waste treatment and disposal process.

Trédi is a member of PEN (PCB Elimination Network), a collaborative framework created in 2009 to promote and facilitate the exchange of information on the environmentally sound management of PCB waste.