Who are we?

Trédi is the subsidiary of the Séché Environnement Group that specialises in the management and treatment of PCB.
Created in 1976, the St Vulbas plant (France) is the only plant in the world that is authorised to carry out:

  • Decontamination and recovery of PCB transformers
  • Elimination of PCB waste
Trédi St Vulbas’ Presentation:

Trédi’s offering is designed to the highest specifications, guaranteeing efficient management of PCB waste:

  • Strict security measures
  • Rigorous analysis and controls
  • Environmental research
  • Complete traceability

The expertise offered by Trédi at each stage allows optimal risk management.

The solutions developed by Trédi respond comprehensively to the waste treatment practices recommended by the European Union (December 2008 waste directive):

  • Favour the reuse of PCB transformers
  • Favour the recovery of PCB transformer materials
  • Securely eliminate PCBs

The company is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.

Whether you are a business, collector or state responsible for eliminating PCB waste and PCB transformers, Trédi can assist you with diagnosis and inventory, administrative and logistical tasks, through to the treatment of PCB waste.

Trédi is a member of PEN (PCB Elimination Network), a collaborative framework created in 2009 to promote and facilitate the exchange of information on the environmentally sound management of PCBs.